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And boy, do some of them have flaws! Go ahead; but realize I. The list is sooooooo short, a space junkie like me has to take what I can get. Out of nearly 8, titles, I found only 20 or so that even attempt to have believable space travel.

Could 12222 be the year we finally make contact with aliens?

With numbers that small, I have to look for reasons to include a film, not jump on reasons to exclude it. And if you know any that I missed, please let me know! Some of these films will fail some of these criteria. Some will fail most of them, even. But if the filmmakers made an effort to follow just a couple of them and be consistent, then the film is on my list.

Reddit users, journalists have gotten refunds after asking Sony customer service.

Two notable absences from this list are Armageddon and Space Camp. Skip to content Shoemaker. Space Other worlds from award-winning author Martin L. But no teleportation, no FTL, no inertialess drives.

Travel through space should take time, and the rocket equation and orbital mechanics should rule. Light-speed delay when communicating across space. No artificial gravity. No magic.

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No psi. No supernatural. Vacuum, radiation, acceleration, resources, and life support should be serious issues that characters must plan for. No replicators or holodecks though nanoassembly and microassembly and 3D printing might be a good substitute for replicators.

Right-Wingers Calling Trump About Space Aliens

No artificial intelligences that might as well be human. If there must be AIs, they should be recognizably computers like HAL in , bound by programming rules even if those rules are unclear. No aliens with some slack cut if the whole point of the film is first contact. Apollo Not science fiction, of course, though it is fictionalized to a degree. Any student of Apollo can tell you all the corners they cut to keep the story a manageable length. But director Ron Howard, star Tom Hanks, and the entire crew were fanatical about realism here.

This is a found footage fake documentary about a secret Apollo mission and what goes horribly wrong with it. The entire film is set in a realistic Lunar Module and Command Module and on a realistic Lunar landscape, and I loved every nut and bolt of it. Astronaut Farmer. Billy Bob Thornton plays a former astronaut named Farmer who gave up his career to go back and take care of the family farm.

No, subtlety is not their strong suit. He decides to use salvaged gear to make and launch his own space mission with the help of his wife and kids. Yeah, wildly implausible, but they dressed it up nicely. It was the size of a walk-in closet, and it had a whopping seven kilobytes of memory. With all the advances in computing power, materials science, rocket fuels, communications, and space technology, recreating Mercury should be a breeze, if anyone wanted to pay to do it.

What Are Black Holes?

NEAR researchers examined these and thousands of other images to explain the ponds. Their report--part of a suite of papers on Eros in the 27 September issue of Nature --points to sunlight as the driving force. Sunlit dust particles near the asteroid's equator build up an electrostatic charge compared to their shadowed neighbors. Spectral analysis suggests that many grains are much less than 50 micrometers wide; that's light enough for the charges to briefly levitate the grains in the weak gravity of Eros.

Each time they are aloft, the particles gradually migrate to the low parts of craters to form ponds in a process that may take millions of years to unfold, says planetary geologist and NEAR team member Mark Robinson of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. A similar suspension probably occurs on the moon, where astronauts saw dust wafting above sunlit zones, says planetary scientist Erik Asphaug of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

One consequence, Asphaug adds, is that future asteroid landers may need to cope with a problem faced by astronauts on the moon: coatings of charged dust on their instruments.

Dusty Ponds in Space | Science | AAAS

By Science News Staff Oct. By Meredith Wadman Oct. By Jocelyn Kaiser Oct. When the Weekly World News announced in that the world would end in , I panicked. When I read on the cover of one issue about a superstorm that was brewing in the Atlantic and tracking toward the major cities of the Northeast, I was petrified. I watched The Weather Channe l for an entire week. I thought maybe there was a cover-up — was The Weather Channel not allowed to talk about the superstorm?

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Would coverage of this meteorological nightmare spread hysteria in the streets of Baltimore and Philadelphia? When the Weekly World News told me that a meteor was charging through space toward the Earth, I was mortified. I asked my father if we might be able to deflect or block such a meteor. For me, the worst editions featured extraterrestrials. These aliens were invariably coming to Earth to destroy mankind. So, the world will end in due to some weird solar phenomenon?

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There was just something about aliens that really bothered me. When I was about seven-years-old, I developed this tendency to stare at the night sky anytime I was riding in a car. I usually tried to point to the part of the sky where the mysterious light could be observed. She knew exactly where this was going.

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These conversations would go on and on. I was certain that I was picking out unidentified flying objects. My suspicions had been confirmed. My mother was likely part of the cover-up. During the summer of , Shoemaker-Levy , a comet discovered about a year earlier, plowed into Jupiter.