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These arms would also deliver a paralyzing venom which would render the caribou unable to move but fully aware of its surroundings. Once paralyzed, she'd use her radula, which is sort of like a tongue equipped with miniature teeth, to drill into the caribou and suck out all the delicious innards. If you're an undersea predator, you'd be well advised not to fuck with an octopus.

Don't eat me

First of all, they're very difficult to spot, especially the ones capable of changing their skin color to camouflage themselves. They can not only change the color of their skin, but the texture as well; they have tiny muscles which can constrict to appear rough like a piece of coral or pointy like seaweed.

The Soul of an Octopus Excerpt - Sy Montgomery

If spotted, they'll spray a cloud of ink in order to screw up a predator's sense of smell or temporarily confuse them while they make their getaway. They have no rigid skeleton, so their flexible bodies can squeeze through tiny spaces to evade capture. If caught, most octopus tentacles are venomous to predators, so even touching them can cause injury. There are also types of octopus which will tear off the tentacles of a Portuguese man-of-war one of the most toxic, dangerous creatures on earth.

Being immune to the deadly sting of the man-of-war, an octopus will then wield the stingers as weapons against other predators. If, by chance, a predator actually manages to get hold of an octopus, the octopus is capable of letting a limb tear off in order to escape - a limb which will regenerate later on. If your mom could defend herself like an octopus, she'd evade being defeated by a mountain lion simply by letting him rip off her arms, at which point she'd flee into the forest and grow new ones.

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If the "discard a body part" tactic doesn't work, the octopus has a razor-sharp beak which it can bite down with. I find it fitting that the only rigid part of an octopus' body is the part it uses to shank other sea creatures. On one hand, we've got someone who blares the Hakuna Matata in the car and shops for breast pumps. On the other, we've got a murderous, smart creature capable of the most despicably awesome acts in the animal kingdom.

It can become invisible, re-grow damaged limbs, shrink to impossible sizes, solve complex problems, blind predators, paralyze prey, and generally fuck with every other creature you saw in The Little Mermaid. Note: before sending me an angry, misguided email about how I'm pluralizing octopuses incorrectly, go watch this:.

Please don't steal.

The Most Intelligent Animal on Earth? - Unedited Movie - Aliens of the Deep Sea - Nature Documentary

Comics Blog Books Shop. Like most universally liked things, however, there's always a better underdog.

‘Octopus Whisperer’ Feels Close Connection to Sea Creatures

Enter the octopus. Meanwhile the gatling gun would rotate in a precise semicircle and mow them down like dogs. Birth Mothers love to complain about child birth. Size Some octopuses differ in size so greatly that the father will never grow to be be larger than an acorn, meanwhile the mother will mature to be the size of a human being lbs or so.

You bet your ass it is. Leisure An octopus doesn't sit around like an undersea lawn ornament, lazily watching repeats of Maury Povich or "nesting.

An Octopus Followed Me Home

Cleverness Unlike fish, which are dumb as shit, octopuses are insanely smart. Would your mother ever exact revenge on a dolphin by crapping in its gaping, blue jaws?

source I didn't think so. Offense Suppose you asked your mom to take down a caribou. Defense If you're an undersea predator, you'd be well advised not to fuck with an octopus. In Conclusion On one hand, we've got someone who blares the Hakuna Matata in the car and shops for breast pumps. I'd say the victor is fairly obvious. The octopus was likely pushing water downward so it could flush out prey, catch the meal with its net-like body and eat it with its beak, she said.

This hunting behavior is fairly common among octopuses also called octopodes or octopi , Sullivan Sealey said.


However, another explanation for the animal's ballooning is more likely, said marine biologists at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego. The video shows how the octopus used camouflage to blend its color and body texture with its habitat, the Scripps team said. When the animal sees the diver, the octopus spreads out its arms twice, likely to make itself look larger, the scientists added.

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You don't want to eat me,' to a predator," said Caitlin Scully, a spokesperson at the aquarium. The Scripps team added that the octopus is likely a common Sydney octopus Octopus tetricus , but that it's difficult to say from just watching the video.

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  • The diver who recorded the video, PT Hirschfield, is a filmmaker and writer who lives in Victoria, Australia. But towards the end of 10 minutes it definitely seemed to 'want its own space' and made no apologies for hunting for crabs right next to my body in a way that I'll admit was a bit intimidating!