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The book is the graphic novel March: Book One, the first in a trilogy by civil rights icon John Lewis in collaboration with co-writer Andrew Ayden and graphic artist Nate Powell. Lewis, who was greatly inspired and influenced by Martin Luther King Jr. Lewis has served in the US Congress since Thanks to a grant from the Vermont Humanities Council we have many copies of March: Book One on hand to distribute to the community.

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Come by and pick up a copy. These programs are free and open to the general public. Call or email the library for more information or to register. Registration is not required but is appreciated. Appropriate for age 8 through adult.

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Join us on Friday, March 15, pm in the community room. Bring your own bowl and spoon. An African American college student is conducting a training session for people interested in joining a sit-in to protest racial segregation. The student speaks about protests and coaches members of the audience in the philosophy and tactics of nonviolent action. Appropriate for age 10 through adult.

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Professor Brower's research interests include the overwintering and migration biology of the monarch butterfly, insect chemical defense, ecological chemistry, insect mimicry, scientific film making, and the conservation of endangered biological phenomena. Professor Brower has authored and coauthored more than scientific papers, eight films, and two edited books, and is currently writing his magnum opus on the monarch butterfly.

He is collaborating with governmental and nongovernmental groups, and other scientists and private individuals, to protect and restore the overwintering forests of the monarch butterfly in Mexico and is actively promoting the conservation of milkweeds throughout the USA. Professor Brower and his wife, Sweet Briar Professor of Ecology Linda Fink, live with their two lovely German shepherds and two friendly cats, and are surrounded by abundant wildlife in Nelson County all protected by conservation easement, ad infinitum.

Established in , the MJV is focused on implementing the North American Monarch Conservation Plan, and has grown to over 30 partners who engage in habitat creation or enhancement, education and outreach, and research and monitoring. Under the umbrella of the MJV, programs work together in a coordinated fashion to more effectively and efficiently help monarchs and other pollinators.

As a flagship species for pollinator conservation, the MJV has developed a successful framework for conserving an iconic species. Wendy is the coordinator of the Monarch Joint Venture, a national conservation partnership to conserve the monarch butterfly migration. With over 30 partners, she engages many different audiences with the same goal of creating or enhancing habitat for monarchs and other pollinators. She is an alumni of the University of Minnesota, where she began studying monarchs through an undergraduate research position with Dr.

Karen Oberhauser at the Monarch Lab. In addition, Wendy works with citizen science volunteers as a coordinator of the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project , which is an effort to track the distribution and abundance of monarch eggs and larvae throughout North America. He coordinates and leads the efforts for the five NRCS Zone Biologists to meet the demands of landowner interest for conservation efforts addressing wildlife, wetlands, threatened and endangered species, etc.

Castro also provides guidance for NRCS state leadership addressing policy and technical issues. She was born and raised in New England and retired to Comfort, TX in from a 30 year career owning and operating her own retail businesses. Cathy raises caterpillars for education purposes as well as propagating native milkweeds. In this capacity he oversees the children and adult education, citizen science programs, as well as a significant program expansion to the neighboring Herff Farm, including agriculture, permaculture, and land restoration education.

Prior to working at the nature center, Ben was the manager of a 5,acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Together they form the foundation for almost every ecosystem on Earth, life as we know it could not exist without them. This presentation is intended to introduce you to native plants and their role in the support of pollinators and biodiversity.

His planning and native plant design won TDG recognition as the first public garden in Texas to be officially designated as "organic". Randy is the current Horticulture Manager at the Dallas Zoo. He also offers organic horticulture and environmental consultations through his personal business, Randy Johnson Organics.

Randy grows and sells organic native plants including milkweed from seed he collects from local prairie remnants and forests. Ridlon Kip Kiphart, M. Augustine-mowed Asian Jasmine-Begonia and Petunia-loving neighbors.

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In , Kip became a Texas Master Naturalist and in , he moved to a new house on 4 acres in a acre Hill Country development in suburban Bergheim. It is the most-monitored MLMP milkweed patch in the country. He has traveled over much of Texas preaching monarchs and milkweeds. This book has grasses, forbs and woody plants of the area, and is full of photos. A valuable addition within this book is the detailed browsing, grazing and seed value of each plant for cattle, sheep, goats, deer, dove, quail and turkey. Nearly all the plant species listed in this book can be found throughout the state of Texas and beyond. She has planned and coordinated several successful, well-attended training seminars for naturalists, botanists, field researchers and others in the North Central Texas area in the past few years.

Carrie has also labored intermittently at plant nurseries and grower's farms for the last decade, and has gardened since her earliest childhood when she stubbornly persisted in transplanting Alleghany Highland woodland wildflowers to the Shenandoah Valley year after year in spite of overwhelming and continual defeat.

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Carrie is a born-bred-and-raised Virginian who has visited in Texas for an awfully long time now. She is deeply committed to being a good steward of the precious gifts of nature that God has given us, and is a passionate lover of same.

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Today, he continues to specialize in the harvest and sale of seed harvested entirely from native plants. Rosenberger and his students have won awards for their research at regional and national conferences. They have also undertaken a tall grass prairie habitat restoration on Olivet's campus seeking to be agents of reconciliation with creation. Rosenberger has published numerous papers and presented at many regional, national and international meeting on the effects of new host plants on the behavior and ecophysiology of the mountain pine beetle in the Black Hills of South Dakota, on pedagogy and on the integration of faith and science, in addition to his more recent work.

For more information on Dr.