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Pick a niche that focuses on your ideal clients and their needs.

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Just focus on mastering content creation and becoming a leading expert in your industry. Answering and conquering these questions can help you to position yourself as a problem solver in your chosen industry. Instead of hiding from it, respond to the comments thrown at you. Use the process to become a better salesperson. Avoid having the last word when talking to an unhappy customer.

But content creation is a long-term game. It can take months or years to build up enough quality content that you start to be looked at as a trusted figure. So how do you build trust through content? By creating content regularly, pushing it on your social media profiles over time and making sure your content delivers value to your prospect. The content you put out to the world will ultimately depend on your industry and what your end goal of content creation is.

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But you must aim to make content digestible as well as shareable. The next step to refining a successful consultative selling technique is conducting in-depth prospect research. Researching prospects before contacting them can be the difference in landing a new client and never having your phone call returned. Search for news or current event publications that mention their company.

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Who are their competitors? What content are they publishing, and have they established themselves as an authority? Are they utilizing their social media channels? Figuring out how to frame prospect conversations takes more than just knowing the simple stuff, like the size of their company, you need to dig deeper and find out what makes them tick.

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The best way to do this is to utilize prospecting tools that are built to maximize efficiency and boost lead generation. Track visitors to your website in real-time, see where they came from and accrue data to find out if they could potentially become a lead with Triggerbee. Lead databases go out of date very quickly, so to get high-quality data you often need to do a lot of research yourself, which is time-consuming.

Instead, identify key decision makers with Sellscope, a company that provides you with a team of specialized researchers who build, define and segment lead databases. As well as enriching the data of the leads in your list, Sellscope can also identify other companies that could fit the bill. Social selling is quickly becoming the go-to method for connecting with prospects. Social selling involves creating content for a defined target market and then building relationships from inside a social platform. Building a relationship through social selling has a lot of moving parts; a company needs to be constantly listening for mentions on social platforms and interacting with customers to be successful.

These are some of the most powerful platforms where you can share relevant content, engage prospects and encourage them to begin their customer journey with a company. Social selling works because it focuses on building relationships first and selling later; social platforms give reps a platform to have conversations with prospects while promoting their own content at the same time. Get inside the head of your customers and take advantage of consumer psychology with this Psychological Selling Guide.

No two interactions with a prospect are the same. To be successful in consultative sales, you need to find the sweet spot between leading a conversation while drawing out key information from your prospect. During these conversations, prospects need to be heard.

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  • Being pushy in a conversation or not offering help to a prospect when you initially approach them can also kill your chances of closing a deal. Always lead a conversation with a prospect by asking questions. Lots of them. Before you make that call or meet with a prospect, formulate a list of generic questions you can use to start the conversation and, if necessary, fall back on. Think up a list of your own investigative questions that, when answered, could lead to another line of conversation.

    Use it as a way to find out more about their company and make the most out of the opportunity to connect with your prospect by lending them a listening ear. Make sure you ask questions that show you have a genuine interest in their business, and a desire to understand their problems. You can then turn the conversation around into building them a tailored solution.

    The last step to honing your consultative selling technique is giving your prospect a tailored solution to their problem.

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    Make sure you focus on the latter. If a prospect has repeatedly said their Head of Marketing is keen to increase conversions on their website, it should become your focus. In your pitch, focus on how you can help your prospect lift conversion rates, and measure them successfully so they can show the rest of their team.

    This will help them to see their problem will be solved with a tailored solution. Prospects rarely make buying decisions based on facts. If you can position your product to give them personal value, it will be worth double the value to the prospect. Aim to connect with your prospect about how they feel in their role, and weave your product into the conversation. The overall goal in doing this is to show them that you can help them shine in front of their colleagues and their boss.

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    He wants to increase conversions, but he also wants his Head of Marketing to get off his back. You need to give your prospects the chance to experience your solution themselves and then make a decision in their own time. For example, to win over the prospect who wants to look good in front of his Head of Marketing, show him some results instead of just listing your product features.

    Use a relevant case study that solved similar pain points, such as creating increased conversions and more website traffic. This particular advisor was struggling to win the business of an elderly woman, whose husband recently died. Although she was quite wealthy, she had never taken any steps to manage her finances. The advisor had met with the woman numerous times. He tried, again and again, to make her understand if she did not take action soon, her children would be left with a huge financial burden.

    source link So Diamond asked the advisor to pretend one of his colleagues was the elderly woman and demo a conversation. I care more about your money than you do! He not only said it, he believed it. Developing an effective consultative selling approach relies on certain skills, techniques and best practices. But one defining characteristic of a good consultative seller is authenticity, a fact which Diamond reaffirmed that day at Merrill Lynch. Part of that research is lead qualification.

    Is this person interested in my product? Do they have the authority and the budget to make a purchasing decision? Another part is competitive research. Which products other than yours might the buyer be considering? It means anticipating any and all questions the buyer may ask.

    It means entering the conversation with every conceivable answer at the ready.

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    Think of your product or service as puzzle pieces.