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Prior to researching the landscape of e-book marketplaces and apps, we determined a set of criteria that our pick should meet. This can cause confusion among users who are expecting to buy and read in one place, especially since Kindle and NOOK can not explicitly link out to their digital book stores due to App Store regulations.

Having everything in one place gives iBooks a distinct advantage over the competition and was a factor in choosing it as our top pick. Thankfully, that time has passed. On iOS, five tabs run along the bottom of the app with the first dedicated to your books and the remainder focusing on the iBooks store.

The My Books tab has three buttons along the top. The first is a layout button where you can switch between seeing your content on a grid or in a list that details author and genre. The second button is your Collections selector. By default, you can filter by books, audiobooks, PDFs, samples, or show them all. In addition to the default filters, you can create your own collections where you can sort your books to your liking and hide books in the cloud that you may have read and deleted off your device. The third button, Select , is where you can do bulk management like reordering, deleting, and moving books to different collections.

A great feature added recently with the introduction of iCloud Drive is the ability to sync your PDFs and non-iBooks store books. This can prove to be very valuable for those who have DRM-free ePubs purchased elsewhere or for those managing many PDF files across collections. One common complaint with iBooks is the lack of organizational tools within the different filtered views.


To anyone who has used an iOS device before, browsing the iBooks store feels routine. Featured and Top Charts can be sorted by books or audiobooks and a wide-range of categories covering genres, textbooks, comics, and a lot more. When you open a book, the list button on the upper left brings you to your table of contents, bookmarks, and notes.

Through iCloud, iBooks will sync each bookmark, highlight, and note that you add. In our testing, iCloud sync was able to keep our place, sync different color highlights, and a variety of notes with ease.

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On the upper right of the reading screen is your bookmark, search, and appearance buttons. Searching is fast and powerful, especially for times when you are trying to look up a particular passage you may have forgotten to highlight or want to reference. Search can also look up words in multiple languages to provide definitions. One feature we really like is that when you jump to a page from a search result you selected, iBooks will provide a Back to page button on the bottom left side which is convenient if you want to jump back to your place.

It also provides a Go to page button on the bottom right. The appearance button is where you may find yourself a lot when you first use iBooks. It allows you choose the best reading experience for you. The menu offers brightness controls, eleven different font sizes, nine font-faces, a background color picker, and some settings toggles.

The background colors are white, sepia, gray, and black. If you toggle on Auto-Night Theme, iBooks will default to the black background in the evening.

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With how bright iOS devices can get, the night theme does a great job at not jarring you when reading in darker environments. The last settings toggle in the appearance menu is for scrolling view. If toggled off, the pages are laid out like a traditional book where you swipe right or left to turn a page.

If scrolling view is toggled on, the book is laid out as if you were reading an article online.

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  • We thought it was much easier and more fluid to digest the book with scrolling view turned on. When reading, if you tap once in the center of the screen you can see along the bottom how many pages you have read in total and how many are left in the chapter so that you can gauge your place. You can three-finger pinch-to-close books to easily jump in and out of your collection.

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    Textbooks on iBooks make learning fun. The textbooks we tested had embedded videos, pop-up photos and dialogs, quizzes, and other interactive elements that kept our interest. It really showcases how powerful iBooks can be.

    Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

    Comics on iBooks is probably its weakest experience. Though they are readable on iPad and Mac, there is a lot of pinch-to-zoom work on iPhone. We think there are more tailored experiences in stand-alone apps for comics. For storing and viewing PDFs, iBooks gets the job done. The audiobooks interface is clean.

    A button on the upper right shows you your track list. Below those are a volume slider, custom sleep controls, and speed controls ranging from 0. A nice feature of the interface is that you can swipe left or right on the cover art to jump forward and backwards for larger amounts of time. The longer you hold, the further the audiobook seeks.