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Have you given your partner what he wants? You are responsible for your own happiness. YOUR JOB: Your job, if you want to be happy, content, and enjoy your life, is to simply do what you signed up for when you got married. Leave keeping score to the big league sports!

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Get it and put it somewhere you can see it and read it often. Or give it to a gift to someone young in a new marriage. As a wedding gift. Help others.

Marriage How God Saved Our Marriage by Greg Alexander

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Happiness Study Harvard 80 Years Long. He always finds a way though. I have noticed that there is a certificate associated with these suspicious files. It has a number as a signature from Microsoft. Is there anyway to trace these signatures on these certificates? I have contacted Microsoft several times for help but they will not give me any information, especially after I explain the situation. I have all my old computers and hard drives that has these files on them.

I truly feel that if I could prove that this is his digital signature, he would stop spying on me. If by chance he wouldn't stop I will sue him in court and make him stop. Anyone have any knowledge about this or have any other ideas that could prove he is doing this? I just want to be able to enjoy my life without him auditing it. Can you get in contact with a computer programmer? My son and his friends know how to trace these types of users.

Try reaching out to a computer programming professor at a college. That's my plan monday morning and God help whoever it gets traced back to because I fully intend to press charges. I also feel that google should be liable for not only implementing these interconnected, remotely controled features and apps but also for not providing adequate assistance in tracking suspicious behavior and offering secure solutions and safe fail locks. Someone can hack my account and change password but there is no way for me to prevent other devices from access in my info and settings I hate to think of the domestic abuse victims, rape victims, bully victims, etc who have been killed either by their abusers hand or their own as a result of the relentless chaos and insanity these anti social pyshcopaths reap and sow!

I pray for the protection and blessing of anyone suffering abuse and I pray they find Justice in real time. Perhaps we should form a group I agree with everything you said!!! I am too a victim of this insanity.. I got a new phone and phone number because he would not release my phone number. My prime email stopped working as well.

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He claimed company property. My new phone started acting buggy as well as my laptop on April 4 I was on my MacBook Air and I noticed my entire desktop was just disappearing one file at a time. I disconnected for WiFi and then I saw my laptop connected to bluetooth so I clicked on the speaker and my laptop played music through the speaker in the apartment next to me.

God saved our marriage

As soon as the music started playing I heard someone run out of the door and run down the hall. This was very late at night and I was and still am concerned about my safety. I called the police that night for the first time I explained the situation to the police officers I was shaking and frantic that night and the police did nothing they told me to rest. After that i erased my laptop down to removing the hardware making it useless.

I went from almost perfect credit to getting collections letters daily. My TVs soon started acting up sometime at the end of I had same things going on the music playing through speakers. I feel like who ever is doing this plays certain songs. I noticed too that before this happened my television remotes were literally disappearing.

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My place is clean and small so I was concerned someone was coming into my apartment. The maintenance guy told me he gave the key to my ex the week prior. I informed my landlord of the incident but the maintenance guy continued to live and work in the same building in the apartment across from mine.

I have no evidence of the break in because a few days later my best camera stopped working and my account was deleted. A few years ago in the same building an fbi investigation was done on another tenant who was found guilty of inappropriate porn.. I did not know this when I moved in but I had zero options and I needed to have address for custody. I think it also could be someone collecting any dirt on me to sell it.

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Which is why that fbi case really freaked me out. The computer is a mess as well. My husbands company is probably one of the largest in my city him and his business partners are on boards for everything. I am scared to do anything anymore. I feel so sorry for anyone who is struggling like this. I do not know what to do. I need a victim advocate to help find a secure, safe place to live. I know a few wonderful families in the development I live in now. Mostly know through teaching and previous jobs.

I do not have current phone 's anymore due to ID theft, work, other family stuff, etc. I thought I was following the guidelines of govt church, family. My son is a smart, responsible, hard working young man caught in the middle of a horrific divorce and will pay the price forever. It was my first marriage and I waited until I was financially secure to have a child.

I love children and spent many years raising other family's children.