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If most sites have a high PR see step before and seem to be optimized, drop the keyword. Head over to GoDaddy and check domain-availability for your keyword. If your keyword would be Hawaii Scuba Diving, you should try to get www. I would stay away from. Write the best available domain into your spreadsheet. Repeat this process multiple times, then select a winner from the spreadsheet. Once you have your main keyword, search for a couple of sub-keywords with a couple hundred searches that seem to be easy to rank for.

The Detailed Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

Clickbank is probably the biggest online marketplace for digital products. Clickbank makes a sale every 3 seconds and processes 26, transactions a day. When you check out the best selling products at Clickbank, you can in one way or the other see what is going on in the world. However, there are thousands of products in other niches that sell really well too. Clickbank provides the infrastructure for vendors to offer their products and for affiliates to sell them.

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They process payments and provide the affiliates with affiliate-links also called hoplinks. A hoplink is a URL that identifies the vendor and the affiliate. If someone uses your hoplink with your affiliate-ID embedded to buy a product , Clickbank will give you credit for referring the sale, as long as the product is bought within 60 days.

Once you start making money, Clickbank willl start paying you out per checks. Checks suck for people who are traveling or live in Europe. Thankfully, once you received 2 checks, you will be allowed to recieve payments by bank transfer Available for most European countries in the Euro-zone, US, Singapore and more. A full list is here. Select an appropriate category for your niche. Check Gravity and set it to higher than Gravity basically means, how many Affiliates recently made sales for that product. Hit Search.

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  8. Start up costs of online businesses are extremely low compared to every other business out there, but there are some costs involved. Web hosting allows you to make your websites accessible via the WWW. Web hosting corporations provide you with space on a webserver. There is dedicated and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting means that you get your own server.

    The Detailed Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization - OmniKick

    Shared hosting means that you share a server with other people. From the outside, it looks like your site is hosted on a stand-alone-server though. There are hundreds of hosting companies out there. You want a host that allows you to have many domains without paying extra. They are competitively priced, have high levels of uptime I never noticed any of my sites being offline so far and provide an easy-to-use control panel to manage your sites.

    The 4 V’s in Big Data for Digital Marketing

    Tech-support is really important in web-hosting. Sooner or later, you will run into issues with some of your sites. The Hostgator support is world class. At any time of the day and at any time of the year, there are dozens of technicians on stand-by, available on the phone or support chat. It enables you to have unlimited sites. All you need to know about nameserververs is that they are responsible for redirecting people who go to your domain to the IP-Address of your server.

    WordPress is the plattform of our choice. With WordPress, it is easy to get a good-looking, Search Engine-optimized site that is easy to manage and is up and running fast. Log into your hosting account and install WordPress. While installing, choose your main keyword as your blog-title and some catchy phrase that contains your keyword as the tagline. It sometimes takes a few hours for your nameserver-changes to be effective. If that is the case, take a break and continue tomorrow or later today.

    A WordPress theme is responsible for your site-design, but some premium themes go far beyond simply looking good. Thesis gives you lots of flexibility, design options and makes life so much easier. It is easy to manage, search-engine optimized and gets updated with each new WordPress version. Thesis comes with great support. Building sites is so fast and easy.

    B2C White Papers

    Many successful bloggers and online-marketers use Thesis. I personally run all my WordPress-sites on Thesis. Making even subtle modifications to them is a real pain and they are not updated regularly. You will have many sites in the long run, instead of just Just imagine what would happen if you have free themes on 20 different sites, and a new WordPress version will be released and half your themes break. A high-quality, premium theme like Thesis will save you lots of headaches. WordPress running on Thesis also has a huge advantage over other non-Wordpress solutions that are geared towards micro-sites.

    If your site takes off and you decide to turn it into an Authority site, WordPress easily scales to that size. Go for the Thesis developer license which is well spent money and will make your life so much easier.

    Avoiding the leaky bucket effect

    The following instructions are exactly what I do with my sites. Feel free to change any of those settings to your liking. All these instructions are for Thesis 1. In the future, some of those options might change slightly, but it will still give you a roadmap of what to do. Google Analytics will allow you to track website-statistics like number of visitors or traffic sources.

    Google Webmaster Tools are a collection of tools by Google. They range from crawl-reports to keyword reports to sitemap-submit tools. Sign Up for the Google Webmaster Tools. Add your domain-name and verify it. After your site is verified, submit your XML-sitemap. You should find that option right at your dashboard. Your sitemap should be located at www.


    6 Copywriting Tips That’ll Keep Readers Eyes Glued to Your Screen

    This will help Google to find all your pages. Onsite SEO is really important to make your sites rank well. Both your title and meta description should contain your main-keyword at least once. Make sure that they also sound good to humans, because those attributes show up in the search engines and could decide if someone clicks through to your site or not.


    Once again, Hawaii Scuba Diving is a good example:. I suggest having 2 columns. Put the sidebar left and the content right. We want our visitors to interact with the sidebar. Studies have shown that click-through-rates are higher if the sidebar is on the left side. Column order: Sidebar1, Content. Cloaking affiliate links means that your visitors perceive your affiliate link as an internal link when they move over a link with their mouse.

    Feel free to do what you want. You really want to create some highly valuable content. If your site is spammy, your readers will hit the back-button of their browsers within seconds.